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We are an online-based distributor of investing, business, economics, and finance education and news. Young as we are, we are already enjoying engaged visitors on our website, averaging 4 minutes per visit. Bkays Money is wholly owned by Bkays Holding (Pty) Ltd., registered in South Africa.

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Our aim is to share the news that’s accurate, informing, and timely. We cover the markets, economics, business, and investments.

Our Commitment To Provide Financial Education

Over 680 million people across the world live in poverty. More than half of them have what it takes to grow themselves out of their predicaments, but they do not have access to financial markets, let alone the basic financial knowledge on how to do it. As a result, they do not know what financial tools or instruments to use to build their net worth to comfortable levels gradually.​

Our commitment at Bkays Money is to disseminate free financial information or education to people scattered worldwide. We aim to teach, in basic terms, everything regarding finance, investments, economic, business, and financial planning. Armed with this kind of knowledge, hundreds of millions of people can participate in the world’s financial markets, grow themselves out of poverty, and start building generational wealth for their descendants.

We provide a platform that you can use while building your portfolio from the ground up or preparing for a finance and investment management career.  

​We are based in South Africa and are committed to providing financial wisdom to hundreds of millions of global citizens in need of a way out of poverty caused by financial exclusion and limited opportunities.


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